New Pelican Crossing for Horn Lane?

Possibility of improvements for troubled stretch of road

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We learned this week that a new pelican crossing could be on the cards for a troubled stretch of road in Acton.

Resident Steven Kealey urged others to visit the site of a fatal accident (opposite the parade of shops just South of the junction with the A40).

A resident was knocked down and killed by a lorry on Horn Lane close to the junction with Noel Road just a few weeks ago. Mr Kealey was shocked at the lack of a crossing at the site for pedestrians such as Kenneth Bailey who lost his life. He commented: "Had a pedestrian crossing been present on this busy stretch of road, this accident and future ones could be avoided."

This stretch of road has been much discussed over recent months after it was listed as one of the most polluted stretches of road in the capital. Pollution is bad here because of Gowing and Pursey's waste transfer site. Lorries turning in to the site increase traffic and danger along Horn Lane.

Steven Kealey continued: "Despite first impressions, this is a residential area, not merely a commuters' thoroughfare. As it stands there are no nearby crossings and anyone who wants access to these shops has to run the gauntlet across one of the busiest roads in London. Furthermore, the cars along this stretch regulary drive at high speed as if it is a continuation of the neaby A40."

He said that crossing the road there was a task that he dreads and called for speed cameras to help enforce the speed limit.

Others agreed and expressed their surprise that the polluting Gowing and Pursey site should be situated in a residential area.

Vlod Barchuk, Conservative Councillor and Cabinet Member for Transport at Ealing Council, wrote to Mr Kealey telling him that a pelican crossing has indeed been proposed on Horn Lane at the junction with Noel Road "for several years, and has been supported by councillors from all parties."

Mr Barchuk said: "It has proved difficult to implement largely because all signalled crossings must be approved and installed by Transport for London. Co-ordinating the process with them has been problematic (I shall resist the temptation to apportion blame!). I have contacted TfL to request a meeting with them to agree a timetable and responsibilities for putting this crossing in place; the meeting is likely to take place in early February."

Although he welcomed the news, Mr Kealey said he found it "frustrating to learn that such a scheme has been proposed for so long yet has not been implemented - during which time someone was run over and killed."

Others expressed their belief that speed cameras were badly needed to decrease the danger at this trouble-spot.

January 10, 2008