Christmas Lights to be Turned On Saturday

Cowper Road house lights up Acton Central

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For anyone underwhelmed by the display of Christmas lights and decorations in Acton this year (Anthony Bell on Churchfield Road is a notable exception), there is a major event in Cowper Road on Saturday at 6.00pm.  

Richard Monger and his family have decorated their house in Cowper Road and everyone enjoys the sight as they drive, walk or cycle past the house throughout December. Richard told us: "Over the years it has got bigger and bigger. I started about eight years ago with just a few lights in the window. It made my children smile so much that the following year a few more went up and so it began."  

As the years went by, Richard's children grew bigger and the number of lights increased. As he says: "Now my children have got a little older it still marks the beginning of  Christmas for them as it does for all the people who turn up and share and enjoy it with us. Though the years it has built a good community spirit and made a lot of children in the area happy. I hope you all can come and enjoy it with myself and my family this year and may I take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy Christmas."  

Unfotunately, as the lights are not yet switched on, this photograph (right) cannot do justice to the riot of lights, but it is possible to get an idea of what we can expect after December 1st.

November 28, 2007