Mystery Bunny Given Temporary Home

Owner must be missing rabbit found in Acton Park

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Kathryn Burall Stillman was walking today in Acton Park with her children when she noticed a group of people standing around. "On the ground", she says, "was a tame rabbit munching away."

As luck would have it, Ms Burall Stillman is already a rabbit-owner and noticed the lost bunny was well looked after and very tame. "It's obviously a pet that's either escaped from its garden, or has been left in the park on purpose."

Kathryn says the bunny is "gorgeous - white with tortoiseshell markings, short haired with long floppy ears." She intends to keep the roving bunny in a spare hutch for a week or so before passing it onto an animal rescue centre. "I have a vision at the moment of a little boy or girl crying their eyes out because they've lost their pet rabbit."  

If anyone would like to claim the rabbit, please email Kathryn at


November 25, 2007