Beware of Dashing Across Churchfield Tracks

Transport Police may issue fines on level crossing

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A young man contacted us to let us know that he had narrowly escaped being fined by British Transport Police this week.

He told us: “I was jogging towards Acton Park heading East across the level crossing on Churchfield Road. 

“I heard the alarm start just as I was about to cross. The barriers weren’t yet moving so I quickly ran over the level crossing. 

“But when I reached the other side, an officer from the British Transport Police stopped me and said I had broken the law and would be fined. 

“She told me the fine would be £80 and asked me for my name, address etc which I gave to her. I apologised throughout the exchange, but she was adamant that I was going to get fined. 

“She then radioed through to her supervisor and after a conversation with him it became clear that she was not going to fine me after all. 

“However, I think people should know that there are police watching out for this at level crossings and perhaps it would be a good idea to be aware of what the law is. Over the years I have noticed people rushing over when the gates are down – but they were still upright when I went across, so I assumed it was fine.”

July 15, 2010