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Find out about London Overground service cuts tomorrow afternoon

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Sara Nathan, Chair of the Churchfield Community Association has asked us to publicize a meeting tomorrow, only recently announced, which is being held by Transport for London (TfL).

TfL are going to be at Acton Central station between 4:30pm and 7:30pm on Thursday 21st January to explain all the engineering works, why they are reducing the service so much in peak times and why the Sunday closures seem to be going on for ever etc.

Sara is in correspondence with the customer services department at TfL after she protested that it seemed they did not wish to publicise this meeting to the people of Acton.

Anyone who uses the Overground is advised to go along and discuss the service tomorrow.

Sara says: " they would very much prefer - as far as I can see - that no-one turns up to ask any difficult questions - or any at all. So there has been virtually no publicity and the rubbish PR people don't answer any enquiries.

"You may feel it worthwhile, just to annoy them, to turn up betwen those times and give 'em hell.

"But as they won't take any notice, you may not.

"I'm going around 1630 as is Libby Kemp who knows all about this stuff. See you there? "  

January 20, 2010