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Acton's property market is making a slow recovery according to the latest official figures.

Whilst areas like Ealing and Chiswick have seen sales rise by over 50% compared to the same period last year Acton only managed a 23.9% rise from the very depressed levels of volumes prevailing in 2008. Sales levels are down by nearly 75% compared to those seen three years ago.

With developers looked to shift large quantities of new flat units such as those at Bromyard House these numbers are likely to be of concern to them.

The news on prices is somewhat better. Houses in Acton have risen in price over the last year and flat prices are broadly stable. One property in Rosemont Road did change hands for over £1,000,000 in August. Overall the average property in Acton in the third quarter of 2009 cost £320,774 down by 3.2%

London's annual house price change to the end of September according to the Land Registry is -3.2 %, which is the sixth month in a row in which London's rate of fall has eased. The average value of a property in London is now £314,954.

Right Move's House Price index, which is based on offered prices rather than sales prices, is showing that in October in London prices were back to an all-time high. The majority of buyers are expecting more rises and only 1 in 10 expecting falls

The Land Registry figures for England and Wales as a whole in September show an annual movement of -5.6%. This brings the average house price in England and Wales to £158,377. This is the fifth month in a row where the annual rate of decline has eased.

The latest survey of Chartered Surveyors for the RICS also shows the market recovering with London appearing to be the strongest area.

Jeremy Leaf, a spokesperson for the RICS said, " Although the supply of property is beginning to pick-up, it is still insufficient to keep pace with the increase in demand which points to further prices gains in the near term. Cheap money remains a critical prop for the market and this is being reflected in the continuing appetite for finance from first-time buyers despite the large deposits still being demanded by lenders."

The latest reported sales are given in the table below.

A regular market review of the local property scene appears on the site. You can click here for the latest update and analysis.

If your agent is claiming to be marketing your property effectively and it doesn't appear on it may be time to choose a new agent.

Properties Sold in Acton W3 - September 2009


Price (£)


Flat 5, 28, Birch Grove, W3 9SS £165,000 30/09/2009
Flat 55, Issigonis House, Cowley Road, W3 7UJ £80,000 30/09/2009
Flat 48, Anthony Court, Larden Road, W3 7DY £360,000 30/09/2009
Flat 50, Anthony Court, Larden Road, W3 7DY £249,000 30/09/2009
3, Cowper Road, W3 6PZ £382,000 29/09/2009
3, Wilfrid Gardens, W3 0NQ £325,000 28/09/2009
34, Whitehall Gardens, W3 9RD £577,500 25/09/2009
11, West Lodge Court, Uxbridge Road, W3 9SD £245,000 25/09/2009
Flat 62, Anthony Court, Larden Road, W3 7DY £350,000 25/09/2009
203, Gunnersbury Lane, W3 8LJ £395,000 25/09/2009
18, First Avenue, W3 7JR £543,500 24/09/2009
Flat 69, Harlech Tower, Park Road East, W3 8TZ £160,000 24/09/2009
Flat C Second Floor Flat, 29, Friars Place Lane, W3 7AQ £247,000 22/09/2009
181, Gunnersbury Lane, W3 8LJ £250,000 21/09/2009
65, Park View, W3 0PU £470,000 18/09/2009
Flat 72, Anthony Court, Larden Road, W3 7DY £390,000 18/09/2009
Flat 176, Ebbett Court, Victoria Road, W3 6BX £195,000 18/09/2009
Flat 130, Ebbett Court, Victoria Road, W3 6BX £182,500 17/09/2009
75, Saxon Drive, W3 0NX £370,000 16/09/2009
102, Princes Gardens, W3 0LJ £530,000 15/09/2009
Basement Flat, 20, Burlington Gardens, W3 6BA £295,000 11/09/2009
Flat 2, 387, Acton Lane, W3 8NP £300,000 11/09/2009
14, Leythe Road, W3 8AW £527,500 11/09/2009
Flat 28, 150 Ardross Court, Creffield Road, W3 9PX £155,000 11/09/2009
50, Goldsmith Avenue, W3 6HN £305,000 11/09/2009
31, Deena Close, W3 0HR £390,000 11/09/2009
3, Allison Road, W3 6JF £478,000 10/09/2009
30a, Highlands Avenue, W3 6EU £220,000 10/09/2009
Flat 2, 9, Avenue Gardens, W3 8HA £249,950 10/09/2009
56, Berrymead Gardens, W3 8AB £280,000 09/09/2009
13a, Taylors Green, W3 7PE £88,000 09/09/2009
Flat 13, Perryn House, Bromyard Avenue, W3 7JD £245,000 08/09/2009
37, Cowper Road, W3 6PZ £434,500 08/09/2009
168, Valetta Road, W3 7TP £250,000 04/09/2009
85, Twyford Avenue, W3 9QD £842,500 04/09/2009
34, The Approach, W3 7PS £330,000 02/09/2009
14, Grasmere Avenue, W3 6JU £527,000 02/09/2009
42, Avenue Gardens, W3 8HB £660,000 01/09/2009

Previous Property Sales in Acton


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