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The local property market saw very strong sales in August with 35 properties changing hands at an average price of £363,141.

These numbers get some confirmation from a survey done by the property web site Right Move which looks at asking prices rather than achieved sales prices.

Property asking prices in London have broken through the record high set in November 2007 as the drought of homes for sale around the country continues to distort the market. New research shows that the average asking price in London jumped 6.5% to £461,157 in the four weeks to 10 October, sailing through the high of £412,731 set in November two years ago.

The survey also shows that asking prices in England and Wales are now higher than a year ago, after climbing 2.8% in the past month. However, any optimism about the speed of any housing market recovery is expected to be dampened by today's report from the Financial Services Authority, which will outline plans for reform of the mortgage lending industry.

Martin Ellis, housing economist at the Halifax, said, "The combination of increased demand and a low level of properties available for sale has pushed up house prices in recent months. The marked improvement in affordability due to the reduction in both property prices and interest rates since mid- 2007 has been a key factor in stimulating higher demand."

Prices in London rose by 0.8% during August according to the Land Registry's House Price Index. The average price of a London home is £310,640 and this is down by 6.2% since last year.

The latest reported sales are given in the table below.

A regular market review of the local property scene appears on the site. You can click here for the latest update and analysis.

If your agent is claiming to be marketing your property effectively and it doesn't appear on it may be time to choose a new agent.

Properties Sold in Acton W3 - August 2009


Price (£)


Flat 3, Charles Court, Larden Road, W3 7DR £295,000 28/08/2009
5, Shakespeare Road, W3 6SG £420,000 28/08/2009
11, Kingsdown Avenue, W3 7UA £385,000 28/08/2009
15, Messaline Avenue, W3 6JX £599,950 28/08/2009
28, The Green, W3 7PQ £325,000 28/08/2009
70, Newton Avenue, W3 8AP £165,000 28/08/2009
Flat 1, Charles Court, Larden Road, W3 7DR £295,000 27/08/2009
41, Rosemont Road, W3 9LU £1,125,000 26/08/2009
43a, Cumberland Park, W3 6SX £250,000 25/08/2009
Flat 37, 278 Bryant Court, The Vale, W3 7QB £390,000 24/08/2009
23a, Cumberland Road, W3 6EX £345,000 24/08/2009
7, Grove Road, W3 6AW £458,000 24/08/2009
35, Petersfield Road, W3 8NY £249,000 21/08/2009
6a, Groveside Close, W3 0DX £610,000 20/08/2009
128, Shakespeare Road, W3 6SW £310,000 20/08/2009
14, Heathfield Road, W3 8EL £440,000 20/08/2009
100, Larden Road, W3 7SX £280,000 20/08/2009
Flat B, 32, Rosemont Road, W3 9LY £225,000 19/08/2009
45, Highfield Road, W3 0AH £320,000 19/08/2009
Flat 65, Anthony Court, Larden Road, W3 7DY £250,000 18/08/2009
Flat 56, Anthony Court, Larden Road, W3 7DY £340,000 14/08/2009
27, Westbourne Avenue, W3 6JL £570,000 14/08/2009
52, Maldon Road, W3 6SZ £585,000 14/08/2009
2, Farnell Place, W3 9EG £575,000 13/08/2009
135c, The Vale, W3 7RQ £174,000 11/08/2009
7, Alwyn Gardens, W3 0JH £305,000 10/08/2009
Flat 117, Issigonis House, Cowley Road, W3 7UJ £81,000 10/08/2009
Flat 146, Trentham Court, Victoria Road, W3 6BF £235,000 10/08/2009
8, Norman Way, W3 0AU £500,000 10/08/2009
Flat 4, 114 The Grange, Avenue Road, W3 8QL £243,000 07/08/2009
57, Gunnersbury Lane, W3 8ED £410,000 07/08/2009
Flat 29, Charles Court, Larden Road, W3 7DR £310,000 07/08/2009
112, Cotton Avenue, W3 6YG £165,000 07/08/2009
Flat 71, Anthony Court, Larden Road, W3 7DY £250,000 06/08/2009
10, Winchester Street, W3 8PA £230,000 04/08/2009

Previous Property Sales in Acton


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