Still No Evidence of Acton Property Crash

Is the Council propping up local house prices?

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Acton's property market appears to be remaining stable despite the UK officially dipping into recession and house prices at a national level consistently declining.

Although the number of transactions in the local area remain very low the average reported so far in the fourth quarter of 2008 is £359,011. November's average was slightly higher than that seen in October even if you include the sale of a property in Rosemont Road for over £1,000,000.

This is actually above the average level achieved in the third quarter which was £331,400. Although the volume of properties changing hands currently makes it difficult to conclude that the market is actually rising, there is nothing in the latest numbers to suggest that there is a severe slump.

There doesn't appear to be any generally accepted explanation as to why property in the area appears to be holding up relatively well. Some observers such as Craig Murray, former UK Ambassador to Uzbekistan, believe that the market is being distorted by the Council and other housing agencies bidding up the rental market for social housing tenants. The recent case of a family being housed in a seven bedroom house in Acton worth over a million highlighted the level of rents available to landlords operating in this sector.

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Address Price
12, Bowes Road, W3 7AA 600,000 28/11/2008
2, Avenue Gardens, W3 8HA 520,000 28/11/2008
13, Churchill Gardens, W3 0JN 493,000 28/11/2008
13, Davis Road, W3 7SE 590,000 28/11/2008
39, Monks Drive, W3 0EB 445,000 28/11/2008
257, Noel Road, W3 0JP 325,000 26/11/2008
178, Avenue Road, W3 8QQ 582,500 25/11/2008
148a, Avenue Road, W3 8QG 260,509 24/11/2008
7, Sir Alexander Road, W3 7JG 250,000 24/11/2008
Flat 5, 28, Messaline Avenue, W3 6JY 295,000 21/11/2008
12, Westbourne Avenue, W3 6JL 430,000 21/11/2008
Flat 9, York House, Grafton Road, W3 6PE 190,000 21/11/2008
21b, Meon Road, W3 8AN 295,000 21/11/2008
Flat 16, Rosemont Court, Rosemont Road, W3 9LS 245,000 20/11/2008
31, West Lodge Avenue, W3 9SE 685,000 17/11/2008
45, Court Way, W3 0PY 330,000 17/11/2008
80, Beechwood Grove, W3 7HY 100,000 14/11/2008
Flat 2, 31, Birkbeck Grove, W3 7QD 325,000 14/11/2008
6b, Old Oak Road, W3 7HL 249,500 13/11/2008
Flat 11, 9 Ellerton Court, Avenue Crescent, W3 8EU 250,000 11/11/2008
1a, Horn Lane, W3 9NJ 330,000 10/11/2008
14, Sir Alexander Road, W3 7JG 265,000 06/11/2008
30, Highfield Road, W3 0AL 295,000 05/11/2008
4, The Drive, W3 6AA 381,000 04/11/2008

Previous Property Sales in Acton


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