Acton Property Prices Stay Steady

Financial crisis yet to impact sale prices in W3

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The latest figures from the Land Registry show little evidence of local property prices in freefall.

The numbers which cover transactions up to November suggest that prices are if anything slightly higher than they were in the previous quarter although volumes remain too low to reach firm conclusions.

The average transaction price for October and November so far in W3 is £357,741 above the third quarter average of £331,400. However there is some distortion to the numbers as a result of the sale of a property in Rosemont Road for over one million pounds. Without this transaction the average would have been roughly the same as last quarter.

Volumes remain low but seem to have improved slightly. Only 71 properties changed hands between July and September, the lowest quarterly turnover on record.

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Address Price
32, Mansell Road, W3 7QH £440,000 31/10/2008
Flat B, 35, Birkbeck Road, W3 6BQ £108,000 31/10/2008
Flat 9, Parkside, East Acton Lane, W3 7LB £164,500 31/10/2008
43, Brassie Avenue, W3 7DF £330,000 31/10/2008
74, Western Avenue, W3 7TX £370,000 31/10/2008
Flat 58, 253 Acton House, Horn Lane, W3 9EJ £150,000 30/10/2008
Flat 1, 35, Maldon Road, W3 6SZ £360,000 30/10/2008
22, Lillian Avenue, W3 9AW £315,000 23/10/2008
30d, Shakespeare Road, W3 6SJ £270,000 23/10/2008
Flat 21, Wendover Court, Western Avenue, W3 0TG £145,000 23/10/2008
16, Rosemont Road, W3 9LR £1,120,000 22/10/2008
Flat 293, Bromyard House, Bromyard Avenue, W3 7BS £373,000 22/10/2008
22, Howard Close, W3 0JY £400,000 22/10/2008
7, Templemead Close, W3 7NH £385,000 22/10/2008
1, Crown Villas, W3 8NN £297,000 17/10/2008
49, Ashfield Road, W3 7JF £542,000 17/10/2008
3, Links Road, W3 0ER £630,000 17/10/2008
31a, Birkbeck Grove, W3 7QD £302,500 17/10/2008
Flat 5, 66, Churchfield Road, W3 6DL £210,000 17/10/2008
73, Grafton Road, W3 6PF £500,000 16/10/2008
Flat 373, Bromyard House, Bromyard Avenue, W3 7BU £365,000 15/10/2008
56, Court Way, W3 0PZ £292,000 14/10/2008
27, Second Avenue, W3 7RX £345,000 13/10/2008
180, Old Oak Common Lane, W3 7DS £290,000 06/10/2008
Flat 410, Bromyard House, Bromyard Avenue, W3 7BU £475,000 01/10/2008
51, Park View, W3 0PU £395,000 01/10/2008

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