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The numbers below are from the Land Registry for homes in the Acton area that changed hands during September.

For a full review of the market during the last quarter read our Acton market report.

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Full list of homes sold in September 2005

21, Sir Alexander Road W3 7JG 23-Sep-05
129, Flat, The Vale W3 7RQ 23-Sep-05
43 49, Flat 9, Gunnersbury Lane W3 8ED 23-Sep-05
57, Park Drive W3 8ND 20-Sep-05
27, Saxon Drive W3 0NU 16-Sep-05
14, Bollo Bridge Road W3 8AT 16-Sep-05
115, Avenue Road W3 8QH 16-Sep-05
32, Deena Close W3 0HR 15-Sep-05
32, Deena Close W3 0HR 15-Sep-05
28, Anderson Close W3 6YJ 15-Sep-05
74, Brouncker Road W3 8AQ 15-Sep-05
54, Shalimar Gardens W3 9JQ 15-Sep-05
6, Moat Place W3 0AT 13-Sep-05
31, Flat 2, Acacia Road W3 6HB 13-Sep-05
24, St Andrews Road W3 7NF 13-Sep-05
91, Cotton Avenue W3 6YF 12-Sep-05
26, Eastfields Road W3 0AD 09-Sep-05
6, Manor Court W3 8JX 09-Sep-05
19, Park Drive W3 8ND 09-Sep-05
27, Essex Road W3 9JA 09-Sep-05
8, Denehurst Gardens W3 9QY 09-Sep-05
54, Hillcrest Road W3 9RY 09-Sep-05
320, Horn Lane W3 6TH 08-Sep-05
193, Old Oak Road W3 7HH 08-Sep-05
3, Hereford Road W3 9JW 08-Sep-05
22 Oakham House, 2, Horn Lane W3 6QP 06-Sep-05
21, Bowes Road W3 7AD 06-Sep-05
47, St Dunstans Avenue W3 6QD 05-Sep-05
27, Hillcrest Road W3 9RN 05-Sep-05
27, Cromwell Close W3 6BN 02-Sep-05
20, Ground Floor Flat, Allison Road W3 6JA 02-Sep-05
11, Anderson Close W3 6YJ 02-Sep-05
3, Flat A, Perryn Road W3 7LR 02-Sep-05
76, Carlisle Avenue W3 7NL 02-Sep-05
6, Agnes Road W3 7RE 02-Sep-05
Coopers Court, Flat 14, Church Road W3 8PN 02-Sep-05
139, Flat A, Avenue Road W3 8QJ 02-Sep-05
42, Flat 4, Birch Grove W3 9SS 02-Sep-05
261, Noel Road W3 0JP 01-Sep-05
46, Holley Road W3 7TS 01-Sep-05
39, Sunninghill Court
W3 8BB

November 10, 2005