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Acton Property Prices 1st April 2005 to 30th June 2005

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The numbers below are from the Land Registry for homes in the Acton area that changed hands from 1st July 2005 to 31st August 2005.

There continues to be activity at the very top end of Acton's property market. The area offers larger houses which are generally unavailable in other parts of London. In the latest figures a house in Perryn Road topped seven figures, changing hands for £1.3 million. Another property in Birch Grove was sold for £900,000. Overall, however, the numbers suggests that the volume of property changing hands in the local area remains somewhat depressed and, whilst it is too early to say what the general trend of prices is, these numbers do not suggest that home values in W3 are racing ahead at the moment.

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8, Westfields Road W3 0AP 31-Aug-05
26c, Third Avenue W3 7RT 31-Aug-05
102, Larden Road W3 7SX 31-Aug-05
31, King Edwards Gardens W3 9RF 31-Aug-05
33, Dordrecht Road W3 7TF 30-Aug-05
91a, Old Oak Common Lane W3 7DD 26-Aug-05
9, Heathfield Road W3 8EH 26-Aug-05
21, Twyford Avenue W3 9PY 26-Aug-05
14, Allan Way W3 0PN 25-Aug-05
29, St Dunstans Avenue W3 6QD 25-Aug-05
4a, York Road W3 6TP 25-Aug-05
8, Spencer Road W3 6DN 23-Aug-05
Eastfield Court, Flat 6, East Acton Lane W3 7LB 22-Aug-05
83, The Vale W3 7RG 22-Aug-05
83, The Vale W3 7RG 22-Aug-05
Woolf Court, Flat 20, Vincent Road W3 8TU 22-Aug-05
22, Cloister Road W3 0DE 19-Aug-05
40, Eastbourne Avenue W3 6JN 19-Aug-05
5, High Street W3 6NG 19-Aug-05
Erne House, Flat 1, Rosebank Way W3 6TY 19-Aug-05
29, Godolphin Place W3 7NB 19-Aug-05
40, The Ridgeway W3 8LN 19-Aug-05
Glamis Court, Flat 5, Park Road North W3 8RT 19-Aug-05
253 Acton House, Flat 10, Horn Lane W3 9EJ 19-Aug-05
Rosemont Court, Flat 23, Rosemont Road W3 9LS 19-Aug-05
349, Flat 3, Uxbridge Road W3 9RH 19-Aug-05
21, Faraday Road W3 6JB 18-Aug-05
Perryn House, Flat 15, Bromyard Avenue W3 7JD 18-Aug-05
120, Valetta Road W3 7TH 18-Aug-05
39a, Cumberland Road W3 6EZ 17-Aug-05
3, Birkbeck Mews W3 6HT 17-Aug-05
22, Flat 4, Acacia Road W3 6HF 16-Aug-05
66, Chaucer Road W3 6DP 15-Aug-05
130, Avenue Road W3 8QG 15-Aug-05
284, Horn Lane W3 6TQ 12-Aug-05
110, Princes Gardens W3 0LJ 11-Aug-05
28b, Bollo Bridge Road W3 8AT 11-Aug-05
17a, Emanuel Avenue W3 6JG 10-Aug-05
5, Perry Avenue W3 6YQ 10-Aug-05
102, Princes Avenue W3 8LT
11, Land Fronting, Westfields Road W3 0AP 08-Aug-05
54, Hanger View Way W3 0EY 08-Aug-05
8, Alwyn Gardens W3 0JH 05-Aug-05
6, Horn Lane W3 6QT 05-Aug-05
33, Vale Court W3 7SA 05-Aug-05
46, The Ridgeway W3 8LR 05-Aug-05
42, Carbery Avenue W3 9AL 05-Aug-05
1b, Chatsworth Gardens W3 9LN 05-Aug-05
21, St Dunstans Avenue W3 6QD 03-Aug-05
44, Derwentwater Road W3 6DF 02-Aug-05
32, Holley Road W3 7TS 02-Aug-05
33, Steyne Road W3 9NU 02-Aug-05
Holsgrove Court, Flat 1, Bromyard Avenue W3 7JH 01-Aug-05
3, Ramsay Road W3 8AZ 01-Aug-05
159, Gunnersbury Lane W3 8HP 01-Aug-05
12, Eastfields Road W3 0AB 29-Jul-05
15, Norman Way W3 0AU 29-Jul-05
164, Noel Road W3 0JR 29-Jul-05
14, Flat Garden, York Road W3 6TP 29-Jul-05
86, First Avenue W3 7JW 29-Jul-05
97, Perryn Road W3 7LT 29-Jul-05
10, Newton Avenue W3 8AH 29-Jul-05
54, Brouncker Road W3 8AQ 29-Jul-05
Coopers Court, Flat 55, Church Road W3 8PN 29-Jul-05
Springfield Court, Flat 3, Lynton Road W3 9EA 29-Jul-05
28, Essex Road W3 9JA 27-Jul-05
52, Chatsworth Gardens W3 9LW 27-Jul-05
25, Flat B, Berrymead Gardens W3 8AA 26-Jul-05
23, Heathfield Road W3 8EH 26-Jul-05
19b, Alfred Road W3 6LH 22-Jul-05
Grantham Court, Flat 2, Friars Place Lane W3 7AN 22-Jul-05
3, First Avenue W3 7JP 22-Jul-05
14, Ground Floor Maisonette, Valetta Road W3 7TN 22-Jul-05
10a, Church Road W3 8PP 22-Jul-05
157, Lynton Road W3 9HN 22-Jul-05
14, Shalimar Road W3 9JD 22-Jul-05
75, Saxon Drive W3 0NX 20-Jul-05
29, Friars Place Lane W3 7AQ 20-Jul-05
61, Brassie Avenue W3 7DF 20-Jul-05
14, Perryn Road
W3 7LR
19b, Avenue Road W3 8NH 20-Jul-05
48, Beechwood Grove W3 7HY 19-Jul-05
97b, Valetta Road W3 7TG 19-Jul-05
20, Belgrave Close W3 8QA 18-Jul-05
Rosemont Court, Flat 20, Rosemont Road W3 9LS 18-Jul-05
130, Old Oak Road W3 7HF 15-Jul-05
52, Davis Road W3 7SG 15-Jul-05
12, Boddington Gardens W3 9AP 14-Jul-05
21, Birch Grove W3 9SP 14-Jul-05
13, Julian Avenue W3 9JE 13-Jul-05
12, Cecil Road W3 0DA 08-Jul-05
60, Chaucer Road W3 6DP 08-Jul-05
18, Top Floor Flat, Alfred Road W3 6LH 08-Jul-05
Ancroft House, 9, Horn Lane W3 6QY 08-Jul-05
59, Avenue Gardens W3 8HB 07-Jul-05
14, Northfields Road W3 0NN 05-Jul-05
63, Ashfield Road W3 7JF 05-Jul-05
120, Flat 1, Horn Lane W3 6NY 01-Jul-05
15a, Petersfield Road W3 8NY 01-Jul-05

November 10, 2005