A New Boys' Club for Acton

Organised by local charities Descendants and "A Mother's Teardrops"

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A new club has been set up for boys in the Acton region, organised by the charities Descendants and "A Mother's Teardrops" - which was set up by the mother of the teenager murdered in 2004, Anton Hyman.

The club will at the Priory centre, and is in fact made of two separate clubs - one for 7 to 11 year-olds (i.e. primary schoolers) that runs from 4pm to 5:30, and one for 12 to 17 year-olds (secondary schoolers) that runs from 6pm to 7:30.

The clubs are on every Monday from 30 January to 5 March, and are free. There will be indoor sports, team-building exercises, learning about the community, and a free, healthy, snack.

February 3, 2012