Squirrel Nutters Spotted Chasing Woman

And 'Take That' celebrity dog interviewed

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Visitors to Acton Park this morning on the hunt for unusual wildlife (see link in box, below right) were shocked to see an elderly lady being chased by a number of giant grey squirrels.

On closer inspection, the large numbers of lorries, vans, props, extras and film crews turned out to be filming an advertisement for Walkers Crisps. Local foodie Janice Heskett of Vanilla filled us in later. According to Janice, Walkers recently held a competition (prize money £50,000) asking people to suggest unusual crisp flavours.

It seems the winning suggestion was for 'Cajun Squirrel' flavoured crisps. Acton Park was evidently one of the venues chosen to film the advertisement for this interesting-sounding flavour. Whether we will actually be able to purchase Cajun Squirrel flavoured crisps, or whether this is a publicity stunt to attract attention to other available crisp flavours is unclear. A visit to the Walkers website left us unenlightened.

The squirrels were all under close guard, so ActonW3.com was delighted to be granted an interview by Scramble the dog. Scramble (a handsome Parson Terrier) was delighted to pose for photographs and tell us about his recent experience filming an advertisement for M&S with Take That.

However, before he could tell us whether Take That are nice to dogs, Scramble became irate when our interviewer's dog started showing a little too much interest in the contents of his bag. He told us to leave and showed us a few of his teeth for good measure.

We thought it would be in everyone's best interests to leave the film set and continued on our morning walk.


November 21, 2008