Thames Water Wilderness Attracts Unusual Visitor

Strange choice of habitat for female pheasant

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Before contractors started clearing the wilderness of weeds which was growing on various sites around Acton Park, observant local bird expert Michael Ellis noticed the presence of a female pheasant looking a little out of place.

Michael is already well-known amongst Acton bird enthusiasts for his excellent photos of the Acton Park pond ducklings (see link, right). He told us: "I was surprised to see the pheasant in one of the fenced-off areas previously inhabited by Thames Water. However, now that the ground has been cleared, the pheasant has left Acton Park."

It is not known where the mysterious bird had come from, and now that the wild vegetation has been cut down (we await the next steps of the rehabilitation of the Park) it is unlikely that Acton Park will become a favourite breeding ground for confused pheasants.

November 21, 2008