"My Street" Shortlisted for 'Best Documentary' Award

Sue Bourne's film about her mother also honoured

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Celebrated local documentary-maker Sue Bourne has contacted us this week with exciting news about two of her films.

'My Street', the documentary she made about a street in Acton which was screened earlier this year has been shortlisted as a finalist in next year's Broadcast Awards.

The controversial documentary which sparked a storm of press coverage and commentary is up against stiff competition. The other films shortlisted are:

  • A Boy Called Alex
  • America Unchained
  • Pedigree Dogs Exposed
  • Sex Change Soldier
  • Undercover in Tibet

The winner will be announced at a ceremony to be held at the Grosvenor Park Hotel on January 21st next year.

At an awards ceremony in Central London last night, local documentary-maker Sue Bourne, her daughter Holly Bourne Starecka and her mother Ethel Bourne were jointly awarded a price for their BBC One documentary 'Mum and Me'.

Since 'My Street' was screened, Sue's work has been appearing at regular intervals on our small screens.

'Mum and Me', filmed mostly in Scotland but also in Acton, was a painfully, poignantly honest portrait of Sue's mother's mental decline due to Alzheimer's disease.

Sue, her mother and daughter were given the prize in the 'Making A Difference' category.

The film was also nominated as a finalist in the best Documentary category but lost out in the end to 'Forgotten Heroes: The Not Dead' (Century Films for Channel 4)

The Mental Health Media Awards, now in their 15th year, recognise the best in reporting and portrayals of mental health issues.

November 28, 2008