Details of Acton War Hero Sought

Man seeks background on member of RAF uncle's crew

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An appeal for information is being made about Doug Guest who it is believed may have hailed from Acton.

Alan Fraser is trying to get as much detail together as possible about the men who served with his uncle in the RAF. The crew were shot down on 6th September 1943 over Mannheim, Germany and all but one were killed.

1603378 Sgt D.A.P. (Doug) Guest was a Flight Engineer in the RAF and his next of kin is given as Mr. W. Guest, 31 Buxton Gardens, W3. Mr. Fraser's attempts to contact the man's relatives have thus far proven unsuccessful.

He has visited Doug's war grave site but he is the only one of the crew of whom he does not have a photograph.

He has set up a tribute site for the crew and with the anniversary of their deaths approaching he is making another effort to contact any living relatives.

If you can help in any way Mr. Fraser can be contacted on:

August 14, 2009