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Every year Acton History Group runs an essay competition for all the primary schools in Acton. We write to schools for suggestions and then ask schools to send entries in by the end of May for prize giving in July. Schools that take part can have £100 for their school libraries, paid for Acton Charities Educational Foundation

Last year the theme was Acton in Victorian Times. This fitted in well with the national curriculum and we had entries from 5 of the 7 schools - Derwentwater, East Acton, St. Vincents, West Acton and Berrymede -

so we were kept busy attending school assemblies to present the winning certificates.

There were some very imaginative accounts of school, home and working life in Victorian Acton; As ever, laundries were a popular part of the theme. The winning enries were from Muska Yarzi, Les Masahya, Sara Eikateep, Ricky Brown, Samuel Albert, Michael Alex, Joseph and Nadia from East Acton, Tom Houlihan, Joshua Sewell, Sara Soliman, Connie Lynch, Helen XuNwo Aligas, Eshraq Jiad and Sara Charosaprasit. Congratulations to everyone!

This year the theme is Transport in Acton. That should provide plenty of ideas with all those stations round Acton and the Uxbridge Road being the min road to Oxford. Entries are due in by the end of May 2007. Good luck to all of you taking part. As an added bonus, ActonW3, our local website, has offered a £10 book token to the overall winner.

David Bays


September 21, 2007