Acton Man Took Part in Horrific Attack

Victim tortured overnight using blowtorch

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It was reported last week that two thugs who filmed themselves using a blow-torch on a man's genitals would go to jail for seven years.

The pair, Danial Haisley, 23 of Acton High Street and Lawson Choo, 24 from Northolt, were told by the judge who sentenced them that they had indulged in sadism and taken pleasure in the attack.

The victim, Danny Smith, was abducted on June 11th last year by Haisley and Choo from Newton Road in Acton where he was in a flat with his girlfriend and young child and bundled into a car.

Isleworth Crown Court was told how once in the the car, which was driven by a third man, Smith was beaten and cut with a knife.

Smith was then taken to Gunnersbury Park and beaten with a branch, tied to a railing and attacked so ferociously that his head buckled part of the railing. When a police helicopter flew overhead the kidnappers were forced to hide in a flat nearby.

Prosecutor Wayne Cranston-Morris told the court how Mr Smith was then taken to the flat, tied to a sofa and subjected to a more serious assault.

During the horrific attack Mr Smith screamed so loudly that his torturers used cling film and tape to bind his mouth. After the attack, he was offered a cannabis joint and told not to contact the police or his mum's house 'would be torched'.

Smith had to be brought to court under arrest as he was allegedly too scared to appear. He has moved out of the area under police protection.

Choo and Haisley admitted kidnapping, grievous bodily harm and false imprisonment and were sent to jail for seven years each. They could also be recalled to jail during a five-year licence period after their sentences.


April 9, 2010