Bag Snatch from Retired Lady on Perryn Road

Police warn others to be vigilant about biking thieves

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A report is on the Discussion Forum today from a poster who warned that a retired lady had been mugged on her doorstep in Perryn Road. The attack is reported to have happened on Wednesday at about midday. 

The attacker is described as a man completely dressed in black, wearing a hoody.

He apparently followed the lady up her garden path and snatched her bag from her shoulder.

He then ran off, got on to a mountain bike and headed North up Perryn Road towards the footbridge. 

Vivienne Duggan, who posted the message, says that the lady called the Police, who said they would search in the direction of his escape and then come to see her. 

Twenty minutes later, they came to her house with her bag which had been left on the footbridge, after her cash had been removed.

Police apparently told the lady to warn people to be vigilant as something similar had happened recently in the same road, also in the middle of the day. It is a very quiet spot at that time of day, which makes the elderly particularly vulnerable.

We have asked Ealing Police to let us have any further information on this matter.


January 15, 2010