Much-Loved Family Pet Killed by Dog

Calls for dogs to be kept on lead and muzzled if necessary

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A much-loved pet cat was killed by a large dog, according to reports this week.

The owner, David Oliver, who lives on St Elmo Road in East Acton is concerned that unless the dog is muzzled and kept on a lead it could kill another pet cat or even a child.

Mr Oliver said that the dog's owner had two dogs, both off the lead.

An RSPCA Spokesman said: "Dog owners need to be responsible. They have to know the limits of their dogs and keep them under control at all times."

A local dog-walker said: "This seems to be the fashion - for young men to roam around with dogs following them off the lead.

"These people are putting an unbelievable amount of trust in their animals. However well-trained your dog is, you just never know when it might decide to give chase whether after a cat, another dog or whatever. Your dog could maim or kill someone's much loved pet or it could get killed itself running over a busy road. Please don't take unnecessary risks. You could be putting your dog, or other people, in danger."



January 29, 2010