Saucy Calendar To Be Launched For Acton Charities

Your best-ever chance to see Acton residents naked


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As previously reported on, Saturday's Christmas Boutique Market at the Rocket will mark the launch of the BehindW3 Calendar, the proceeds of which will go towards local charities.

Well, we can now reveal that your Editor has got himself a sneak-peek at the product, and it's probably a lot more interesting than you were expecting - put bluntly, each month includes a glossy picture of Acton residents in some state of undress. Though tastefully!

Taking inspiration from the famous Women's Institute calendar that led to the film Calendar Girl, BehindW3 features community members such as a local rugby team, florist and chippy (in descending order of likely allure) in little clothing but probably a lot of self-consciousness.

The calendar will cost £10, and is produced by local group CAL & Co, made up of area residents Caroline Annis, Alex Watson and Laura Forsyth, though in all around 35 people volunteered their time to make it happen. It can first be bought at the Boutique Market, but will then be available at a number of local shops. All profits will go to charity, and the group hopes that the calendar will help people see the Acton community in a new light. A slightly racy one.

November 30, 2011


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