Christmas Boutique Market

Chic jewellery, tasty cakes, elegant furniture and more at The Rocket

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Christmas is always a hectic shopping time, having to hunt out perfect gifts for your family, friends and work colleagues who you secretly hate but have to be nice to just to keep order in the office.

But what if there was a less stressful way to find those presents, and locally too? Well, as you've probably gathered, there is. It's the Christmas Boutique Market, being held at the Rocket pub on Churchfield Road on Saturday, 3rd December from midday until 5pm.

You'll be able to browse among sparkly jewellery, well-cared-for antiques, cosy furniture, book swaps and even shoes. Shoes! For those not necessarily looking for gifts (hopefully none of my friends), there will also be some yummy food on sale, and some exquisite cakes. There's even face painting, for the kids (and presumably adults without any shame). Best of all, the whole thing's in a pub, so it's no effort at all to wander over to the bar to nab yourself a crafty tipple.

But Christmas is also a time of giving, not just ravenous consumption. So the organisers have managed to combine both, as money is being raised for Derwentwater Primary School's "global garden", which is presumably a garden inspired by different areas in the world, not literally a garden in the shape of a giant sphere (which would be impractical). There will be a raffle!

The event will also mark the launch of the BehindW3 calendar which will raise money for local charities including Apple, the Acton Park art centre for children. What better way to mark the ceaseless march of time?

Basically, if you're not at the Christmas Boutique Market at the Rocket on the 3rd of December you should probably feel a bit ashamed.

November 14, 2011