Local Pub is Home for Squatters

Vigilant neighbours spot goings on in the Albion



Broken window Goldsmith Road W3

Broken window on Albion Pub in Goldsmith Road

The pub complete with 'freehold for sale' sign

Upstairs broken window


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The Albion gave residents in Poets Corner a few moments of excitement earlier this year when it was reported that a developer had bought it and wanted to turn the pub into a deli/bakery.

However, things have definitely taken a turn for the worse in the credit crunch and the pub this week appears to be inhabited by squatters.

Broken windows are to be seen on two sides of the building and neighbours report seeing various people entering via a gate which is on Goldsmith Road.

Sara Nathan was first to spot the goings-on stating that she had seen some "slightly grimy people" going in through the gate.

Darren Penn reported that he had seen there was a television on and that it "looked very cosy" in there.

There were mixed feelings from other posters. Some expressed pleasure that there would be "something going on" in Acton apart from rubbish and parking; others were worried that this was a more sinister and unwelcome development for the neighbourhood.

Others then discussed a distinctive-looking black woman with a mass of orange hair. Some thought 'she' could have been a 'he' but we have not been able to establish anything more conclusive other than being able to report that to us the orange-haired intruder definitely looks female.

Agents in charge of the building told us that the landlord would have to deal with the squatters and that he had been informed. They initially told us the price of the building was £875,000 but later in the week said that the 'For Sale' notice was a mistake and that the pub is to let.

The agent said a court order would have to be obtained in order to evict the squatters, but legal advice for landlords seems to be that if force has been used to enter a building, then squatters can be evicted without a court order.

No doubt the vigilant residents of Poets Corner will be keeping an eye on events.


May 8, 2009