Free Talk at Gunnersbury Park Museum

The Colours of Another Age - Behind the Camera

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Victor Gray, former Director of the Rothschild Archive, will give a lecture on the background to the current exhibition of early Autochromes ( colour plate photographs) taken by Lionel de Rothschild between 1908 and 1912. The talk will take place on Sunday, November 6th, at 2 p.m. in the Terrace Room of the Small Mansion, Gunnersbury Park. Admission is free.

Lionel de Rothschild lived in the Large Mansion at Gunnersbury Park and many of his pictures featured the area's opulent gardens, with the horseshoe pond full of water lillies and flamingoes walking by the Temple.

Portraits of relatives and friends include the first colour image of King Edward VII, a frequent visitor to Gunnersbury. There are also scenes from Lionel's travels in Spain, Algeria and Egypt, and a portrait of a magnificent tiger, one of the first known colour photographs of London Zoo. Many of the photographs were only recently discovered, having been lost for many years.

October 25, 2011