Thousands More Trees For The Borough

Ealing's Street Tree scheme is biggest in London

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Ealing Council has planted the largest number of trees in London as part of the Mayor of London’s Street Tree scheme.

The council’s parks team will finish planting 1,500 new trees this month to help make the borough greener and more attractive.

The Street Tree scheme, run in partnership with the Mayor of London, Forestry Commission and Groundwork London, specifically selected species to help combat the number of trees lost as a result of infection and decay. The council received £110,000 in funding from the Mayor of London’s office.

Keith Townsend, executive director of environment and customer services, said: “We have long held the reputation of being the ‘Queen of the Suburbs’ with 147 parks and open spaces in the borough. Trees play a big part in that. They are a major part of the borough’s heritage and character, but also have an impact on people’s health and the environment as well encouraging wildlife.”

The council is responsible for managing around 27,000 trees on residential roads plus another 60,000 trees in its parks and open spaces. On average, 300 street trees are removed every year due to poor health and weather damage which the council replaces.

14th May 2015