Game, Set but Match is Now OFF!

New racket for Demetri but there's sad news about London Youth Games

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Demetri with his new racket donated by a Ealing reader

Game, Set and Match On!

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Demetri Smith's new racket which was kindly donated by a generous reader won't be getting it's first competitive outing this weekend because Ealing has had to pull out of the tennis in the London Youth Games.

The eleven year old was due to represent the borough on Saturday (11th June ) but, due to illness in the mixed team, he has been told the tournament is no longer happening.

Demetri had been given money to buy a new racket (after his two others had broken) by an anonymous donor who had read about his plight here ,and the tennis crazy lad - who has been playing since he was four - was all geared up for the competition.

He said: '' "I was so happy and grateful for my racket and couldn't wait to get to training, im really looking forward to the london youth games now."

Demetri is now very upset not to be competing.




10th June 2011