Sound Idea to Help Ealing Charities

Confiscated Goods from Noisy Neighbours Donated to Good Causes


Vlod Barchuk with confiscated audio equipment
Councillor Vlod Barchuk (right) and Jim Wong of ECVS with the donated equipment

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Good causes across Ealing are set to benefit from new audio equipment, courtesy of the borough’s noisiest neighbours.

Ealing Council’s noise team has confiscated thousands of pounds worth of radios, CD players and TVs after residents repeatedly cranked up the volume and annoyed their neighbours.

The equipment was seized after officers took court action and now belongs to the council.  It is being donated to Ealing Community and Voluntary Service (ECVS), which is an umbrella organisation representing charities across the borough.  Ealing Community Resource Bank Project, part of Ealing CVS, will distribute the equipment to its members who can use it for activities like education and training.

Councillor Vlod Barchuk, Cabinet Member for Safer Communities, said: “It’s senseless for the council to have a stockpile of seized equipment and I’m pleased we are able to donate it to local good causes.  I hope it will also send a message to people who make their neighbour’s lives a misery that we will take court action and their prized TV or hi-fi could be seized and given away.”

Jim Wong, from Ealing Community Resource Bank Project, said: “We’re grateful to the council for donating this equipment, which will make a real difference to many charities who often find it hard to get together the funds to buy this sort of equipment.”

Information and advice for residents being kept awake by noisy neighbours is available at

August 26, 2009