Ealing Commuting Costs Continue To Climb

Workers are paying significant amount on travel

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People living in Ealing are paying an ever increasing amount to get to work according to a new report.

The survey of over 4,000 senior business people across the UK was conducted by global facilities company, Regus, who say more companies should look at flexible working options.

Results show that a fifth of workers (20%) pay out more than 10% of their salary on commuting.

The average proportion spent on commuting by UK workers is now 4%, which is also reflected in Ealing, a rise from 3% in 2010.

For 13% of respondents the daily commute costs them over 5% of their monthly pay packet.

Commuting costs are contributing to a rise in the number of UK professionals looking to work flexibly.

Richard Morris, UK CEO, Regus comments: “Businesses that want to retain and attract top talent cannot fail to address the issue of the costly commute.

“Flexible working can provide a solution. By offering their employees the opportunity to work closer to home at least some of the time, our customers have not only improved staff loyalty but also seen an impact on productivity. Staff that spend less time stuck in traffic jams or on crowded trains have more time to apply themselves to the job in hand.”



27th May 2015