Free Cycle Child Seat and Trailer Loan

Ealing Cycling Campaign can help you out

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To register an interest in the scheme, contact David Eales via email:

Ealing Council


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The Ealing Cycling Campaign (ECC) has a range of cycle child seats and trailers to loan to parents living in the borough.

The campaign secured a grant to purchase top- of-the-range child seats and trailers for local residents to use free of charge.

Volunteers from the ECC will visit parents’ homes to fit the child seats and provide information about cycling in the area. There is no charge for this service. All the campaign requests is that parents undertake Bikeability training in order to feel confident using the child seat or trailer while on their bike. The initial equipment loan period will be around six weeks.

David Eales, spokesman for the ECC, said: “Some parents can feel isolated when they have a child. Their partner might use the car for work and it can be difficult getting around on buses and trains. We want to show parents that cycling can be a viable alternative to other forms of transport.”


July 22, 2009