Alternative Anthem For Christmas No.1

Local independent label Criminal Records release 'Anarchy In The UK'

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Listen to Anarchy In The UK at:

To buy the song text TRACK ANARCHY to 80818 (texts cost £1) or from all main digital retailers, including iTunes.


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Local independent label Criminal Records have released an alternative anthem for Christmas in a bid to make the Top 40.

"Christmas should be about having fun, so although we are not expecting a mainstream No.1, we are definitely aiming for an indie top spot for Anarchy in the UK," said a spokesman for Criminal Record's.

"It’s been years since we have had a good laugh at the No. 1. We were thinking of a funny Xmas video card to send out when we decided to release the single early.”

Rocketclover's 'Anarchy In The UK' aims to rectify what they see as the 1977 injustice against 'The Sex Pistols’ whose popular single ‘God Save The Queen’ was prevented from reaching No. 1 because of an ‘unwelcome’ coincidence with the Queen’s silver jubilee.

Performing their quirky folk rock takes on songs like Anarchy In The UK, and a host of Metallica songs, Rocketclover are perceived by some as a parody, but present some interesting listening for fans of the originals.

Both the single and album were produced by Henning Pauly (Sebastian Bach from “Skid Row”, James La Brie from “Dream-Theater”, Michael Sadler from “Saga”.

The album 'Some Kind of Clover' contains twelve Metallica cover versions, with two from each Metallica album. They did not necessarily pick the most famous songs from each album, but there is a reggae styled version of Blackened, a Latin dance mix of The Unforgiven with brass and stuff, a piano swing tune of King Nothing!


Criminal Records is a West London based independent label, having just celebrated six years of existence. Other label acts include all female rock band The Kut, (their last single was playlisted on over 25 UK FM stations), as well as The Exits (Kerrang Radio ones to watch and Express FMs winner of the Song of the Year Golden Plectrum award).

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December 13, 2010