Tonight's Tube Strike Cancelled

RMT and TSSA both return to work after talks

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Tonight's planned tube strike is not going to proceed after both the unions involved decided to cancel the action.

The TSSA union announced their decision this morning after talks with management at ACAS. At that point it was unclear what the RMT union had decided but around lunch time it was confirmed that they too would be instructing their members to turn up for work as usual.

The RMT say they have suspended strike action whilst further consultation with management takes place over London Underground's 'Fit for the Future' program. Talks are to continue until April 4th. Tube management have also agreed not to process any requests for voluntary redundancy they have received and not to request any new applications.

London Underground have agreed to discuss, amongst other things, a station-by-station review including ticket office closures which could result in some ticket offices remaining open according to the RMT.

Bob Crow, General Secretary, of the RMT told his members, "This is what we were asking for all along and thanks to the support and solidarity you have shown, sense has finally prevailed. Nevertheless we remain firmly against these cuts which we will continue to resist in our discussions with management."

The strike was due to affect services on London Underground from this evening until Friday morning.

February 11, 2014