Skyride Sunday 9th August

Temporary disruption to traffic and parking and bus diversions


Skyride 2009

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Thousands of people will be taking part in the free Mayor of London’s Skyride – Hounslow, where cyclists of all ages and abilities can explore a special 10km route, safe from interference from traffic.

The event has been organised by the Mayor and sponsored by Sky to get as many people as possible on their bikes this summer and beyond.

As a result of the event, there will be some temporary disruption to normal traffic and parking arrangements. These include bus diversions and affect both the route and nearby streets on Sunday 9 August between 9am and 6pm.


All roads along the Skyride route will be closed to motor traffic from 9am to 6pm on Sunday 9 August except:

• Thornbury Road - open to northbound traffic between the A4 Great West Road and Jersey Road to provide access to Osterley Park
• London Road - open to eastbound traffic throughout its length.

The full list of road closures is available here.

In order to avoid conflict with the Skyride route, the following restrictions will be enforced at signalised junctions:

• Amhurst Gardens - no right turn into London Road (and no ahead traffic onto Skyride route).
• London Road - no right turn into Twickenham Road at Busch Corner.


A number of cul-de-sacs along the route will have no access to or from the Skyride route for motor vehicles from 10am to 5pm. The full list of those affected can be viewed here.

Drivers wishing to use their vehicles during the event will need to relocate them away from the closures before 10am, as vehicles parked on driveways and in garages must not be taken onto closed roads during the event. Once the event is over drivers will be able to return with their vehicles.

A small number of cul-de-sacs will have access to and from the Skyride route by left turn only. These can be found here.


On-street parking will be prohibited from 10am to 5pm on both sides of all the closed roads.

Motor vehicles parked in driveways, garages and car parks must not be taken onto the closed roads during the event.

In order to accommodate diverted traffic, no parking will be permitted on:
• Ridgeway Road - Southwest side
• College Road - Southwest side between Ridgeway Road and London Road
• Amhurst Gardens - Southwest side

Please note that any vehicle parked on the Skyride route, or on the west or southwest side of Ridgeway Road, College Road (between Ridgeway Road and London Road) and Amhurst Gardens, or at any other location in contravention of the appropriate signs may be towed away.

If your vehicle has been towed, call TRACE on 020 7747 4747 to locate it.


The following routes will be affected by diversions:
• 235 westbound
• 237 westbound
• 267 westbound
• H28 westbound
• H28 eastbound
• 117 and H37

Details of the diversions are advertised on bus stops, and more details can be found here.

For more information on the Mayor of London’s Skyride – Hounslow, and to register for the event, visit

August 6, 2009