Bye Bye Bendy, Hello Boris Bus?

New Routemaster unveiled in Acton and conductors are back

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London's new bus has been put on show at the
Transport Museum Depot in Acton.

Unveiled yesterday by Mayor Boris Johnson the Routemaster will come into service in 2012.

The new bus will be two man which is a return to the driver-and-conductor model a key feature of the original version withdrawn from regular service in 2005.

Mr Johnson said: "Standing on the rear platform of this delectable bus brings back a sense of nostalgia but conversely also demonstrates the quintessence of the latest technology and design, making this bus fit for the 21st Century.

"It is wonderful to see those two-dimensional designs we unveiled in May have been forged into this amazing bus and I cannot wait to be launching the buses when they first enter public service in 2012."

The fuel-efficient bus will be quieter than its diesel-run predecessor and have a platform offering passengers the traditional hop-on hop-off service.

Jo deBank, of pressure group London TravelWatch, said while innovations in design were welcome, her organisation had concerns about passenger safety on the open platform at the rear of the vehicle.

"We also question the cost of two-man operated buses at a time when Transport fo London's budget is under real pressure, and we already have concerns about a reduction in services," she said.

A prototype will be delivered by next year and the first five new buses will be seen on the roads by early 2012.

The last of the bendy buses will be phased out next year.



The new bus has been described as a 'design cacophany' by The Guardian.

Read here what the BBC's Transport Correspondent thought of it.



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12 November 2010