Police reduce their plans for a safer neighbourhood

Local team short of officers but residents will still pay the price

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The Safer Neighbourhood Team promised to the Southfield area on the Acton / Chiswick borders has been reduced by two officers.

Ealing Police’s Borough Commander announced that Southfield's team, set to be introduced by 27th March 2006, will be two Community Support Officers short.  This means that rather than having six police, the area will only have four; a cut of a third.

Cllr Gary Malcolm, Southfield ward councillor, said “Lib Dems have campaigned for and welcome the community police but residents have been let down when they were told they would have six police officers.”

Gary added “What is even more worrying is that because Ealing is short of Community Support Officers other police resources in the borough will have to be used to ‘man up’ the starting numbers. Also the smaller police team will be based outside the ward because the police have not sorted out local accommodation. This is not good for reducing people’s fears.”

Ealing Council announced this week an overall council tax rise of 4.7% which includes the Mayor's precept which is rising by 13.35% (broken down by the council’s £24.81 increase plus the Mayor’s £33.99.)  Speaking after the announcement, Cllr Beecroft, cabinet member for finance and performance, said that the council was disappointed at the steep rise in the Mayor's precept but added “We welcome the fact that the Mayor’s part of the budget will deliver 23 neighbourhood police teams throughout the borough which will help make Ealing safer by tackling crime and anti-social behaviour.”


February 22, 2006