Churchfield Community Association Campaigns To Change Zone K CPZ

Change needed to make things easier for businesses and residents

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The Churchfield Community Association is hoping to convince residents of CPZ Zone K to vote for changes which they say will help businesses on Churchfield Road survive financial uncertainty.

The group has created leaflets which it will distribute at this Saturday's Acton Market, to show why it believes Zone K which includes Churchfield Road, should be changed to two hours - one in the morning, one in the afternoon - from the continuous 8-hour one (9.30am-5.30pm) that's in force now. This change is intended to make things easier for both businesses and residents.

Ealing C ouncil is organising a consultation and vote on changing the CPZ hours. Members of the CCA will be on hand at Acton Market this Saturday from 10am.

Meanwhile, members of have been using the discussion forum to discuss this, and other CPZ issues.


March 2, 2011