The Story So Far... Arts Funding For Borough

Visual and literary plans for the New Year

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The Arts Council has agreed to fund an 'arts and story trail' linking Southall and Acton.

The aim is to increase library and cultural activity use through sharing stories and giving life to books. It is the first partnership between the Council, libraries, Cultural Community Solutions, Acton Arts Forum and the local arts sector.

The recent launch of the new Acton Library and Dominion Centre & Library in Southall will provide anchors that will be linked via a range of engaging activities, commissions and exhibits in literary and visual arts.

Ealing’s cabinet member for leisure, libraries and customer services, Councillor Dr Patricia Walker said: ''I’m delighted that the Arts Council has provided funding for this fantastic project which fuses art and stories throughout the borough; with the reborn Dominion Centre at one end of the trail and brand new Acton Library at the other. Imaginative projects like this really add to Ealing’s arts and cultural strategy and play an important role in the regeneration of parts of the borough.”

Rachel Pepper Arts Forum Project Manager said: ''We are really pleased to have this opportunity to join the creative-dots in Ealing. We are glad to be working in partnership to bring’ The Story so Far’ to life.''

‘The Story So Far’ will foster greater engagement of arts and culture by creating a high-profile programme of activities and exhibits of visual and literary arts. It's hoped it will develop the arts in Ealing by:

- supporting opportunities for artists to create and share new works

- fostering partnerships between artists, arts organisations and libraries

- widening the audience for the arts in Ealing through new venues and contexts

There will be launch events at either end of The Story so Far art trail, the first on Saturday 31st January 2015 at Southall Library (Dominion Centre & Library); and the second on Saturday 7th February at Acton Library, Everyone Active Centre.

17th December 2014