St Paul's Girls School

This is the Manchester United of schools in England with a virtually unmatched academic record.  90% of the girls go on to University with around 40% going to Oxbridge.  For this you must pay over £3,948 per term (2006). 

There are 650 pupils at the school from 10-19 and as you would expect the demand for places is high.  As well as being strong academically they have a fine musical tradition with 80% of girls learning instruments.  Holst taught music here and as he said "the only way to learn music is to make it."

How do you get in?

Register your daughter when she gets to 8 or 9.  The school will keep you informed after that. They have an exam plus interview in which they are looking for "a spark" and it seems that a broad perspective and range of abilities is helpful.  The exam is in February for 11+. This means that parents may have an offer from another school, which they need to accept or decline before knowing the result from St. Paul's. 

There are also some scholarships based in aptitude in music, art, academic ability or financial need.

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