St. Paul's Boys School

Seen by many as the premier West London boys' school in academic terms.  The school originated from the Cathedral School at St. Paul's and moved to Barnes in the sixties.  It has given us Field Marshall Montgomery and John Milton.  Of the more recent vintage Clement Freud, Magnus Pyke and Jonathan Miller contrast with Latymer Upper's more raffish alumni.  Milton and Marlborough also attended the school but at its older incarnation in the City of London. The school is on a terrific site although "they should start again with some of the buildings."

Each boy is assigned a tutor who remains with him throughout his school career.  His responsibility is to give guidance on both academic and personal matters .

The current (2006/7) St Paul's Day Boy Basic Fee per term (including lunch) is £4,680.

How do you get in?

The school has an intake of 150 per annum at 13+ with 75 of them coming from Colet Court. You should register years ahead although as long as you do it four years ahead it makes no difference to the chances of getting in. Three years before your son is due to start they will contact you and check if you are still interested. In the following year they contact your son's existing Head for a written report.  All being satisfactory, there is an interview for the boy, with parents also interviewed by the Head.  At this point a place conditional on exam performance may be offered. Either the Common Entrance exam is taken at the boy's prep, or the Scholarship exam is taken at St. Paul's. These take place annually in February. Latin is normally a paper on both exams.

Contact details  


St. Paul's Boys School
Lonsdale Road,
Barnes SW13 9JT

E-mail: (High Master and Admissions (General Enquiries)



(020) 8748 9162


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Mr G.M. Stephen (High Master)