Chiswick School

Formerly known as Chiswick Community School, it became an Academy in March 2012.  Nicely located just next to Chiswick House Grounds with very good sports facilities.

The school was subject to an Ofsted report in November 2015 which downgraded it to 'needs improvement' having previously been rated as 'good'. Although still ranked as 'good' for teaching, the inspectors gave a less favourable assessment of areas related to Special Educational Needs performance, the analysis of data, and some areas of leadership.

At A Level last year (2015) the percentage of students receiving A*/C rose above the national average to 78%. Half of all grades obtained across subjects were achieved at A*/B grade and 98% of grades were awarded at A*/E.

For GCSEs in 2015 44% of all grades awarded at Chiswick School were at A*/B grades and 73% were achieved at A*/C.

How do you get in?

Complete an application form from the school or Hounslow Council who can be contacted on

The admissions policy is as follows:

Where the number of children applying exceeds the number of places published, the applications are considered in the following order of priority:

  • 1. Sibling - priority will first be given to First Preference applicants who have an older son or daughter attending the preferred school.
  • 2. Medical/Social - priority will then be given to First Preference applicants whose medical or social circumstances require attendance at a particular school. In such cases parents are reminded that they must complete the appropriate section on the application form and professional advice will be sought.
  • 3. Distance - if insufficient vacancies are available for all the remaining First Preference applicants priority will then be given those children who live nearest to the preferred school. The distance is measured by the use of public highways excluding footpaths and common land. Accessibility of private or public transport will not be considered.
  • 4. If vacancies remain available after all First Preference applicants have been allocated, Second Preference applicants whose First Preference application for another school has been unsuccessful will be considered in the same order as 1, 2 and 3 above.

 Contact details


Chiswick School,
Burlington Lane,
Chiswick, W4 3UN




020 8747 0031


020 8747 6625


Tony Ryan