The Arts Educational School

Nobody can hold a candle to this school in terms of the contribution of talent to the performing arts in this country. Margaret Lockwood, Cherie Lunghi, Jane Seymour, Julie Andrews, Nigel Havers, Sarah Miles, Darcy Bussell, Claire Bloom and more recently Will Young are just a selection of the former pupils of the school, although it should be pointed out that Leslie Crowther went there as well.

The school has a girl/boy ratio of around 75/25 so it is not a force in schools' rugby.  Fees for "preps" start from �1420 per term and fees for Seniors from �2150 per term (2000).  Generally at 16 about half go to another school with the other half going to specialist performing arts establishments to do vocational courses in dance or drama.

There are 9 GCSE courses on offer plus an integrated course in music and drama.  Pupils are trained in most varieties of dance including ballet, tap and modern.  The school has a close relationship with most of the major London based performing arts companies including ENO, the National Ballet and the Royal Opera House.

They also offer degree level courses for older students. The school of musical theatre offers a three-year Bachelor of Arts degree with honours (BA Hons) in musical theatre and the national diploma in professional musical theatre. The school of acting offers a Master of Arts degree (MA) in acting, a three-year BA Hons degree in acting, the national diploma in acting and the national certificate in professional acting.

Arts Ed College rated outstanding by OFSTED

How do you get in? 

Entry is at 8, 11 and 14.  They have their own exam for maths and English plus they assess potential skills in the performing arts.  Miming to a Spice Girls' tape probably won't swing it.

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