Fancy Learning To Hurl? Try Out Camogie London

Camogie London needs players

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Whats it all about?

The sport of Hurling is an amateur sport and when women play the game it's called Camogie. Hurling used to be played with up to hundreds per side between villages in ancient times. It is now limited to 15.

Hurling is played using a stick (hurl) and a ball (sliotar). The bas (bottom) of the hurl should not exceed 13 cm in width. The hurl is made of ash wood and the sliotar which weighs 90-110 grams should be 21cm in circumference.

Camogie London is looking for new players. Why not come out and give it a try?

Each Monday from 14 March – camogie training from 7.30pm.  Contact for full details.

Each Wednesday from 16 March – camogie training from 7.30pm.  Contact for full details.

Full Schedule of upcoming games.  Contact Camogie London for location of games.

Saturday 26th February -Camogie Challenge game against Burgess, Co Tipperary

Saturday 5th March  - Camogie Training Commences

Saturday 12th March - Camogie Tournament – travelling to Birmingham

Sunday 13th March - St Patricks Parade, London – Camogie Event to be planned

Saturday 30th April - Tara Camogie Club hosting 7 aside Tournament


February 21, 2011