Sharpening Up The Playground

Giant pencils donated to local primary school

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Children at Derwentwater Primary School in Acton are delighted with their colourful new addition in the playground.

The two-metre high glass fibre crayons and pencils were until recently used to hide the redevelopment of a former hotel on Bayswater Road in central London.

A parent noticed that they were being taken down and contacted the development company, Northacre PLC who were delighted to donate them to the school.

Another parent, who works for an Acton-based removal company, Tactical Moves, picked them up from the depot and transported them free of charge.

A local building contractor, Gary McDougal, of McDougal and Savage based in Horn Lane, kindly agreed to erect them - also free of charge.
They have certainly brightened up a corner of the playground that was once occupied by air-raid shelters and, more recently, temporary classrooms. 

The school and the PTA - the Derwentwater School Association - would like to thank EVERYONE who made this possible!





16 November 2010