Noisy Laundry Gets Locals In a Lather

24 hour business causing fury

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Residents living near a laundry business in Greenock Road in W3 are so fed up of the noise they're considering temporary hotel accommodation.

They say the company, MacGill of Kensington, has installed state of the art industrial washing and drying equipment operating 24 hours a day which provides laundry services to London’s hotels. They claim the plant has created an incessant din - clearly audible from local streets.

Residents have started a petition urging the Ealing Council to take enforcement action.

Adam Hedelin says: ''Its like living in an aeroplane. How does one get planning permission to set this up? Its not a question of getting them to shut down at night, this needs a permanent solution. They need to sound proof the premises or move out.''

Corrie Corrigan says: ''This constant noise during normal working hours would be out of the question. Expecting local residents to live with it 24 hours a day 7 days a week is completely unacceptable. It should be stopped by the council immediately and the owners should find an alternative location for their noisy business asap.''

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Ealing Council have met with MacGill's solicitors and are planning the next step with the laundry.

MacGill have so far refused to shut down the plant at night.

We have contacted the company and are awaiting a response.


19th July 2012