Home Improvement Services in Acton

Our listings of services operating in the local area has been significantly upgraded to give you an even better guide to which services are the best.

Having provided assistance for over seven years for local people looking for reliable plumbers, carpenters and builders etc., we have taken the principles on which the original system operated and introduced an increased level of interactivity and functionality.

All trades operating in the local area can still be listed for free. To get listed just visit our London Services Directory and enter your details.

A business will be listed for free in their local area and can be listed for free in other areas if they get a sufficient level of positive feedback from local residents. Feel free to encourage your clients to give feedback through the site.

If you want your listing to be more prominent you can buy an enhanced listing on-line. Just click the upgrade button on your listing. You can purchase listings in different areas across London.

To give feedback on a service just click on the feedback link and enter your comments (making sure you have registered and logged onto the site first.) Please do not give feedback on services you are connected to.

If a business you want to give feedback on is not listed you can add its details even though you are not connected to the service.

If you are unhappy with feedback given on your service we can remove your listing but we normally don't remove individual comments unless the registration details of the person giving the comments are bogus.

We make every effort to ensure the submissions are genuine. If you use a service on our list and are unhappy with it please tell us but we accept no liability for any misadventure that occurs as a result of using this site.

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