Property Sales in Acton in October

Prices broadly unchanged from previous month

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The numbers below are from the Land Registry for homes in the Acton area that changed hands during October.

The average price per property changing hands during the month was £349,738. This was slightly down on the previous month when the average was £350,142. This compares to £392,986 in August which was an all-time high.

The average price of a W3 property rose by 11.6% over the third quarter and 20.0% over the year according to data from the Land Registry. The average for Acton for the third quarter as a whole was now £366,677.

The previous quarter an exceptionally high proportion of flats sold depressed the overall average and masked strong price growth. This quarter a more normal split between flats and houses meant that the price trend became more clear.

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Date Address
31-Oct-07 8, Lowfield Road W3 0AY £385,000
31-Oct-07 35, Court Way W3 0PY £399,000
31-Oct-07 165, Flat 6, Horn Lane W3 6PP £250,000
31-Oct-07 Bromyard House, Flat 388, Bromyard Avenue W3 7BU £300,000
31-Oct-07 31, Dordrecht Road W3 7TF £525,000
31-Oct-07 14, Ground Floor Maisonette, Valetta Road W3 7TN £375,000
31-Oct-07 44, Holley Road, Hammersmith And Fulham W3 7TS £235,000
30-Oct-07 9, Tudor Gardens W3 0DT £500,000
30-Oct-07 7b, Pierrepoint Road W3 9JJ £265,000
30-Oct-07 353, Flat 15, Uxbridge Road, Acton W3 9RH £250,000
29-Oct-07 Carroll Court, Flat 127, Osborne Road W3 8SS £107,000
26-Oct-07 24, Emanuel Avenue W3 6JJ £735,000
26-Oct-07 168, Flat 4, High Street W3 6QZ £225,000
26-Oct-07 Bromyard House, Flat 381, Bromyard Avenue W3 7BU £250,000
26-Oct-07 Bromyard House, Flat 386, Bromyard Avenue W3 7BU £290,000
26-Oct-07 Bromyard House, Flat 389, Bromyard Avenue W3 7BU £345,000
26-Oct-07 Bromyard House, Flat 390, Bromyard Avenue W3 7BU £395,000
26-Oct-07 177, Flat 7, The Vale W3 7RD £150,000
26-Oct-07 17 Arlington Court, Flat 1, Mill Hill Road W3 8JP £220,000
26-Oct-07 Steyne House, Flat 19, Horn Lane W3 9NT £250,000
25-Oct-07 Erne House, Flat 1, Rosebank Way W3 6TY £184,000
25-Oct-07 Bromyard House, Flat 383, Bromyard Avenue W3 7BU £280,000
25-Oct-07 Bromyard House, Flat 377, Bromyard Avenue W3 7BU £300,000
25-Oct-07 29, Hereford Road W3 9JW £635,000
24-Oct-07 Ayr Court, Flat 8, Monks Drive W3 0EA £367,500
24-Oct-07 Bromyard House, Flat 382, Bromyard Avenue W3 7BU £310,000
24-Oct-07 67, Old Oak Road W3 7HW £447,500
23-Oct-07 Bromyard House, Flat 378, Bromyard Avenue W3 7BU £280,000
23-Oct-07 278 Bryant Court, Flat 15, The Vale W3 7QB £280,000
23-Oct-07 253 Acton House, Flat 60a, Horn Lane W3 9EJ £153,000
22-Oct-07 Springfield House, Flat 2, Horn Lane W3 6NU £240,000
22-Oct-07 170 174, Flat D, Horn Lane W3 6PJ £230,000
22-Oct-07 19, Cumberland Park W3 6SY £347,000
22-Oct-07 Bromyard House, Flat 375, Bromyard Avenue W3 7BU £395,000
22-Oct-07 182, Gunnersbury Avenue W3 8LB £385,000
19-Oct-07 60, Shakespeare Road, Acton W3 6SJ £570,000
19-Oct-07 19, York Road W3 6TS £288,000
18-Oct-07 30, Long Drive W3 7PR £392,000
18-Oct-07 13, Flat 1, Ramsay Road W3 8AZ £405,000
17-Oct-07 160, Princes Gardens, Acton W3 0LN £545,000
17-Oct-07 Bromyard House, Flat 222, Bromyard Avenue W3 7BN £450,000
16-Oct-07 23, Queens Drive W3 0HF £575,000
16-Oct-07 73, First Avenue W3 7JN £550,000
15-Oct-07 26, Noel Road W3 0JX £460,000
15-Oct-07 Wendover Court, Flat 10, Western Avenue W3 0TG £175,000
15-Oct-07 13, Central Parade W3 8HL £209,950
12-Oct-07 28, Eastfields Road W3 0AE £490,000
12-Oct-07 Kent Court, Flat 11, Queens Drive W3 0HS £365,000
12-Oct-07 116, Flat 7, The Vale W3 7JT £293,000
12-Oct-07 2, Park Drive W3 8NA £500,000
12-Oct-07 Harlech Tower, Flat 13, Park Road East W3 8TZ £178,000
11-Oct-07 20, Summerlands Avenue W3 6ER £580,000
11-Oct-07 16, Cowper Road W3 6PZ £485,000
11-Oct-07 3, Meon Road W3 8AN £460,000
10-Oct-07 Rutland Court, Flat 29, Queens Drive W3 0HL £381,000
10-Oct-07 256, First Floor Flat, Horn Lane W3 6TQ £212,500
10-Oct-07 Parkside, Flat 32, East Acton Lane W3 7LB £195,000
10-Oct-07 35, Shaa Road W3 7LW £370,000
10-Oct-07 35, Shaa Road W3 7LW £370,000
10-Oct-07 5, The Crescent W3 7PB £425,000
10-Oct-07 Copperfield Court, Flat 8, Gunnersbury Gardens W3 9AF £283,000
09-Oct-07 71, Valetta Road W3 7TG £578,000
09-Oct-07 Coopers Court, Flat 54, Church Road, Acton W3 8PN £265,000
08-Oct-07 116, Creffield Road W3 9PX £225,000
05-Oct-07 24, Walton Way W3 0AW £410,000
05-Oct-07 Rutland Court, Flat 1, Queens Drive W3 0HL £352,000
05-Oct-07 Trentham Court, Flat 128, Victoria Road W3 6BF £327,900
05-Oct-07 13a, Alfred Road W3 6LH £279,950
05-Oct-07 194 Pegasus Court, Flat 17, Horn Lane W3 6PT £235,950
05-Oct-07 10, Flat B, Leamington Park W3 6TJ £195,000
05-Oct-07 Carisbrooke Court, Flat 7, Brouncker Road W3 8BA £140,000
05-Oct-07 7, Flat 2, Rosemont Road W3 9LT £349,950
05-Oct-07 2a, King Edwards Gardens W3 9RG £355,000
04-Oct-07 161 167 Maple Court, Flat B, High Street W3 6LP £110,000
04-Oct-07 4, Woodhurst Road W3 6ST £335,000
04-Oct-07 33, Mansell Road W3 7QH £575,000
03-Oct-07 41, The Approach W3 7PA £517,500
03-Oct-07 208, Avenue Road W3 8QQ £325,000
02-Oct-07 16, Bromyard Avenue W3 7AU £478,500
02-Oct-07 23, St Andrews Road W3 7NE £250,000
02-Oct-07 45, St Andrews Road W3 7NF £415,000
02-Oct-07 12, Clandon Close W3 8RZ £180,000
02-Oct-07 17, Flat 9, Lynton Road W3 9HJ £305,000
01-Oct-07 Buckingham House, Flat 1, Monks Drive W3 0EE £410,000
01-Oct-07 262, Western Avenue W3 0PH £345,000
01-Oct-07 1c, Friars Place Lane W3 7AG £290,000
01-Oct-07 4, Third Avenue W3 7RT £685,000


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