Property Sales Suggest New High for W3

Latest data puts average home price at record level

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Property Sales in July 2007

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The numbers below are from the Land Registry for homes in the Acton area that changed hands during August.

The average price per property during the month was £392,986 - an all-time high. This compares to £328,629 in the second quarter.

It may be too early to conclude that property prices have surged over that period, the previous quarter saw a significant number of sales in major flat developments in the area, particularly Bromyard House. Although transactions from these developments have continued into the third quarter they are a lower proportion of the overall total. As the sale prices for Bromyard House tend to be lower than the W3 average this pushing up the overall average.

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Date Address
31-Aug-07 9, Cromwell Close   W3 6BN
31-Aug-07 194 Pegasus Court, Flat 7, Horn Lane   W3 6PT
31-Aug-07 69, Cotton Avenue   W3 6YF
31-Aug-07 7, Strelley Way   W3 7AR
31-Aug-07 27, Birkbeck Grove   W3 7QD
31-Aug-07 5, Oldfield Road   W3 7TD
31-Aug-07 40, Meon Road   W3 8AN
31-Aug-07 202, Gunnersbury Avenue   W3 8LB
31-Aug-07 148, Princes Avenue   W3 8LU
31-Aug-07 353, Flat 12, Uxbridge Road, Acton   W3 9RH
30-Aug-07 17, Goldsmith Road   W3 6PX
30-Aug-07 Bromyard House, Flat 187, Bromyard Avenue   W3 7BN
30-Aug-07 34, Buxton Gardens   W3 9LQ
29-Aug-07 25, Park View   W3 0PU
29-Aug-07 6a, Chaucer Road   W3 6DR
29-Aug-07 11, Goldsmith Avenue   W3 6HR
29-Aug-07 Bromyard House, Flat 471, Bromyard Avenue   W3 7BY
29-Aug-07 18c, Avenue Crescent   W3 8EP
24-Aug-07 3, Cloister Road   W3 0DE
24-Aug-07 63, Princes Gardens, Acton   W3 0LP
24-Aug-07 21, Brougham Road   W3 6JD
24-Aug-07 22, Grasmere Avenue   W3 6JU
24-Aug-07 6, Milton Road   W3 6QA
24-Aug-07 25, Perry Avenue   W3 6YQ
24-Aug-07 Parklands, 26, Greenview Close   W3 7DZ
24-Aug-07 52, Davis Road   W3 7SG
23-Aug-07 72, Newton Avenue   W3 8AP
22-Aug-07 120, Flat 4, Horn Lane   W3 6NY
22-Aug-07 58, Beechwood Grove   W3 7HY
22-Aug-07 31, First Avenue   W3 7JP
22-Aug-07 40, Second Avenue   W3 7RX
21-Aug-07 2, Eastfields Road   W3 0AA
21-Aug-07 102, Beechwood Grove   W3 7HY
20-Aug-07 Wendover Court, Flat 38, Western Avenue   W3 0TG
20-Aug-07 26c, Third Avenue   W3 7RT
20-Aug-07 183, Valetta Road   W3 7TA
20-Aug-07 3, Princes Avenue   W3 8LZ
20-Aug-07 137, Avenue Road   W3 8QJ
17-Aug-07 225, Noel Road W3 0JL
17-Aug-07 4, Grafton Road W3 6PB
17-Aug-07 Bromyard House, Flat 197, Bromyard Avenue W3 7BN
17-Aug-07 Bromyard House, Flat 258, Bromyard Avenue W3 7BN
17-Aug-07 15, Mansell Road W3 7QH
16-Aug-07 Thanet Court, Flat 12, Queens Drive W3 0HW
16-Aug-07 Parkside, Flat 37, East Acton Lane W3 7LB
15-Aug-07 18, Cowper Road W3 6PZ
15-Aug-07 83, Davis Road W3 7SF
14-Aug-07 Lincoln House, 8, Acacia Road W3 6HB
14-Aug-07 46, Goldsmith Avenue W3 6HN
14-Aug-07 9b, Cumberland Park W3 6SY
13-Aug-07 140, Princes Gardens, Acton W3 0LN
13-Aug-07 45, Eastbourne Avenue W3 6JS
13-Aug-07 12, Newton Avenue W3 8AH
13-Aug-07 Bronte Court, Flat 33, Gunnersbury Lane W3 8HF
10-Aug-07 52, Lowfield Road W3 0AZ
10-Aug-07 4, Grove Place W3 6AS
10-Aug-07 23, Eastbourne Avenue W3 6JR
10-Aug-07 19, The Second Floor Flat At, Alfred Road W3 6LH
10-Aug-07 Springfield House, Flat 7, Horn Lane W3 6NU
10-Aug-07 114, Old Oak Common Lane W3 7DT
10-Aug-07 130, Princes Avenue W3 8LT
10-Aug-07 Rosemont Lodge, 2, Rosemont Road W3 9LX
09-Aug-07 13, Tudor Way W3 9AG
07-Aug-07 14, Messaline Avenue W3 6JX
07-Aug-07 Bromyard House, Flat 280, Bromyard Avenue W3 7BS
07-Aug-07 15, Flat 3, Avenue Crescent W3 8ET
06-Aug-07 Bromyard House, Flat 219, Bromyard Avenue W3 7BN
06-Aug-07 Bromyard House, Flat 191, Bromyard Avenue W3 7BN
06-Aug-07 Perryn House, Flat 13, Bromyard Avenue W3 7JD
06-Aug-07 93, Davis Road W3 7SF
03-Aug-07 24b, Grafton Road W3 6PB
03-Aug-07 6, Rosebank Gardens W3 6TW
03-Aug-07 Bromyard House, Flat 211, Bromyard Avenue W3 7BN
03-Aug-07 Bromyard House, Flat 238, Bromyard Avenue W3 7BN
03-Aug-07 53, Old Oak Road W3 7HW
03-Aug-07 7, Shaa Road W3 7LN
03-Aug-07 91, The Vale W3 7RG
03-Aug-07 Coopers Court, Flat 10, Church Road, Acton W3 8PN
03-Aug-07 7, Clandon Close W3 8RZ
03-Aug-07 180, Creffield Road W3 9PX
02-Aug-07 14, Maldon Road W3 6SU
02-Aug-07 Bromyard House, Flat 200, Bromyard Avenue W3 7BN
01-Aug-07 30, Norman Way W3 0AS
01-Aug-07 5, Grasmere Avenue W3 6JT
01-Aug-07 Bromyard House, Flat 491, Bromyard Avenue W3 7BY
01-Aug-07 Haddon Court, Flat 22, Trinity Way W3 7HT
01-Aug-07 4a, Ramsay Road W3 8AZ


Property Sales in July 2007


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