Belvedere Licence Decision Looms

New Polish themed pub in Acton looking for late opening

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Residents are rallying to action over concerns about the late licence application of a new pub opening on the site of the former Cuckoo and Rainbow on Acton High Street.

The Belvedere pub which is due to open next month is specialising in Polish drinks. Belvedere is a brand of Polish vodka and the pub's food will include Polish dishes. It is thought to be the first pub to open in the UK with a Polish theme launched by a UK operator, in this case the Laurel chain of pubs.

The owners are reassuring residents that only background music will be played at the venue in the early hours despite the licence allowing them to put on live music. They are applying for opening until 1am Tuesday to Thursday and 2am Friday and Saturday. An earlier application for opening until 3am has been withdrawn.

Residents are also concerned about people drinking outside late at night due to the effect of the smoking ban.

The Licencing committee hearing is scheduled 11.00am Wednesday 29th August. Members of the public can attend or you can nominate a person to attend on your behalf.


August 24, 2007