Welcome to Ealing

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Westside Radio is involved in a new project called "Welcome to Ealing” which aims to capture and uncover the memories, tales, experiences and reflections of migrant communities that have settled in Ealing since the 1940’s.

The project aims to uncover the different migrant groups in particular people from the West Indian region, the South Asian, Somali and Middle-Eastern communities.The project will focus on the following key themes:

· The root causes and circumstances under which communities migrated in the first place
· Why Ealing?
· The experiences of people when they first arrived in Ealing?
· How they were perceived and issues of identify particularly through the media
· Race relations

This project will allow students to gain experience in radio presenting, interviewing, drama production and research skills.

It is set to be a huge project which has already gained local media interest and we are hoping to take it nationally. It is also a fantastic opportunity for everybody to get involved in and express their unique stories of migration from their communities. 


September 2, 2010