Ward Forum for Acton Central

7.30pm Monday September 21st


If any resident has any ideas to put forward prior to the meeting email vlod.barchuk@zen.co.uk

Strongest Shoppers in West London are from Acton

More Bulbs to be planted at St Mary's Burial Ground

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St Mary’s Church, The Mount, Acton W3 9NW

Cllr Wolodymyr Barczuk, Cllr Seema Kumar (Chairman), Cllr Marie Randall

1. Chairman’s Introduction & Health & Safety Notices 7.30pm
2. Apologies for absence
3. Safer Neighbourhoods and Envirocrime
- Reports from the Police’s Safer Neighbourhoods Team
- Council’s Envirocrime team – written report available at meeting 7.35
4. Notes of the last Ward Forum, held on 6th May
- to confirm accuracy 7.50
5. Matters arising – not included in item 6 (below)
6. From Councillors:
- Controlled Parking Zone Friary Road – consultation 8.20
7. Acton Central Ward Budget
- update on agreed projects – see attached report
- ideas for new ward projects – 2009/10 – available at the meeting 8.50
8. Public Forum
- issues raised by residents 9.00
9. Suggested items for future meetings 9.20
10. Dates of Future Meetings

Meeting Close 9:30pm

September 18, 2009