And How Was It For You?

Snow brings chaos as schools close and buses disappear



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Snowman in Acton Park

Acton Park Snowman in fetching hat

Snow Day in Acton

Concentrating hard helps when balancing on a sledge

Snow Day

Even a fly-tip can make you smile on a snow-day


It's Back to Acton for Emilia Fox

Businesses say lack of parking spaces loses them customers

Toby Young Sees Red over Green Box

Caffeine-Deprived Nescafe Thief Apprehended


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Today in Acton, as elsewhere in Greater London, the thick white blanket which covered everything in sight first thing this morning acted as a warm muffler for the mood of locals. In Campden they shut public parks for 'health and safety' reasons. Thankfully, Actonites were allowed to enjoy the snow without nanny-state style intervention.

Snow Day in Acton park

Some were so enthusiastic they slid down the slope without needing plastic accessories

Children could be heard whooping in the streets and in their homes once they realised school had been cancelled. Those who had to get to work struggled on foot, or used the vestiges of public transport available to them.

Acton Park was like a winter wonderland. Everyone was making snowballs or snowmen or using the two small hills in the park to whiz down on sledges or plastic trays. Dogs cavorted in the snow, some enthusiastically and some less so. People asked others to take photographs of them standing next to snowmen.

On the more practical side of things, many Ealing Council services were disrupted, including rubbish and recycling. Ealing Council have announced that all collections will be a day late this week. To check for more information about this, and about continued closures for local schools, check the relevant website or visit

Tomorrow (Tuesday) many schools have already announced that they will still be shut. Check your school's website or try the Ealing Council website for more information. The snow seems to have slowed down and is due to move North, but if there is more overnight with a drop of temperature there is bound to be chaos tomorrow.

We have been informed that the following schools are closed on Monday 2nd February. Those marked with ** will also be closed on Tuesday 3rd February.

  • St. Mary's R.C. Primary Chiswick
  • Belmont Primary School**
  • Grove Park Primary
  • Cavendish Primary**
  • William Hogarth
  • Green School
  • Chiswick Community
  • Cardinal Vaughan**
  • Sacred Heart
  • Gumley House
  • Acton High
  • Chiswick and Bedford Park
  • Latymer (Prep and Upper)
  • Godolphin and Latymer
  • Twyford CofE
  • St. Benedict's
  • Notting Hill and Ealing
  • St. Paul's Boys**
  • St. Paul's Girls
  • King's House
  • Putney High School
  • St Vincent's
  • Derwentwater
  • St Saviour's
  • Christ Church

Note: if a school is in bold we have been informed of closure by the local authority or the school directly. If not we have been informed by a parent.



February 2, 2009